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Quick one

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Just a quick update to keep myself in the posting habit. Work on Tuss Toss is continuing, at a slightly slower pace while some graphics content is being produced.

Meanwhile I've started a small side project. Basically its a system that procedurally generates NPC's through the use of evolutionary and genetic algorithms. I'm naming the system "MEGEA" for Massive Entity Generation with Evolutionary Algorithms, at least for now. Code is being written in C++ with a strong emphasis on Object Oriented programming concepts. I will include a small graphical harness/game with the project is complete. I plan on using OpenGL for renedering and hope to make Linux/MacOS variants along with a Win32 release.
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What are data are you generating with the genetic algorithms? Stats?

Curious minds want to know :D

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The idea here is to actually be very broad. A person will be able to generate any type of attribute they can assign a value to. This could be a physical trait, but could also include moral, social, mental or psychological traits as well. What the end user will essentially have is a blueprint for an npc with traits that have been influenced geneticly, environmentally and socially. How these traits are implemented by the end user is entirely up to them.

So to answer your question, just about all these things will use genetic algorithms for generation. However I assume that the actual genetic traits will follow the definition of a genetic algorithm more closely.

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