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The Great Journey commenceth!

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So tonight I have to shut down all my equipment and pack up for my trip down to Florida tomorrow. I'm actually already packed except for all the last-minute stuff like toothbrush and such. That, and I have to get my laptop set up with VPN connections and such so I can work on the road.

For the next several days, I will be unavailable to harass GDNet constantly. However, I'll still be online a short while every day, so I'll definitely stop by to be a nuisance when I get time.

The only sucky thing about this is that it isn't strictly a vacation, since I technically have to take a lot of work with me. It'll partly be design, but I also have to at least get a rough code skeleton ready by the time I get back. Huzzah. I'll be spending most of my days goofing around and being sociable, which means I'll be having a lot of late nights. Such is the way of things.

I'll try and hack up some notes on FooLanguage while I'm out. We're very close to having the single most popular thread in the entire history of the Software Engineering forum (yes, I'm pathetic enough to have checked) so it'd be a damn shame for it to die a quiet death at this stage.

(Six more posts and then it can die.)

Anyways... yarr, hilariously funny witticisms here, and don't miss me too much.
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