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I just completed an online test for accounting last night. Wouldn't have been such a big deal had I done any previous accounting study in my life. So apparently this online exam takes about 1.5 hours for students who are enrolled in the course to complete. Well, I started at 8:00pm, and I finished at about 1:00am. 5 hours with all that study and searching.

Thank God for Google [google] and Wikipedia. Gave me most of my answers.

So after that I ended up with 92.92%. Not bad, I thought that the last 5 (out of 45) questions were suspect because my judgement had gone to hell by then... but looking back over the answers I gave I found the inconsistencies in the first 10 questions... And they were simple errors in calculation. Don't you just hate that! ;).
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Yes, I certainly do hate those infamous "simple errors". The kind in my code that keep me up until the wee hours of the morning (often many nights in a row). I think every developer on the website than empathize. :)

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What is bizarre is that I was sure that I was losing focus towards the end, and yet those answers are all correct. The last 5 I simply guessed my way through because I had had enough and wanted to go to bed (And thought I'd already managed 70%, which is what I was aiming for)

Simple coding errors are also a forte of mine :P, but unfortunately I am not doing any programming units this semester

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