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Keylogger chaos

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So I was at this thread and decided to annoy some of the newbies.

One dick waving contest later, and out comes my first Win32 API application. Don't remove that message call, it'll lock up the handler and then we'll NEVER get home alive.

Figured you all might want to see this before the script kiddies slap their name on my source code and decide to be cunts about it.
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I think it's managed to wean me off the site permanently as well.

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++Rating. Now I can hax.

.... j/k

PS: Nice comment at the top.

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I hope someone at least finds a use for this, other than stealing people's credit card numbers.

Apparently, Microsoft uses a similar method to prevent users from hitting the ctrl-esc or windows keys while in a game, so I suppose you could alter the code to trap those events.

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Friends me! I don't go on Digg much either. It's just full of idiot 14 year olds.

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Repeat, No Digg

Exited from that hellhole shortly after the beta ended. l33t haX0rs that haven't even touched the vb their script tools are made from.

Digg is unmoderated slashdot, and slashdot makes my eyes bleed.

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