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This is my first blog entry and so I just wanted to introduce my self! My Name is James Proctor. I am the owner of Empire Productions a game design company just getting started! This blog will be for me to write about my experience of trying to start a Game development company. Well thats all for this entry! Please check back often for updates!
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Welcome to GD.NET+! Have some complimentary ratings to show how happy we are you helped support GD.NET. :)

Looking forward to your developments in the gamedev realm!

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Thanks for helping support GDNet! I look forward to progress updates. Regular ones. [grin]

At least more regular than mine.

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Good to see another journal starting up, and as Ravuya said, post often! Here's a complimentary rate++ for ya!

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Welcome to Journal land! here be some +

I'm intrigued by you saying a game design company...is it purely design or development also?.

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right now its design until I can get a team since I am good at comming up with ideas and writing but I am just learning how to program. I have been messing around with some MMO engines like Kaneva and soon Multiverse which don't need programming unless you want to change something about the way the game works and I will be using Multiverse for the project I am working on now but I still need a team before I can really start working on it other then the design part of it. I have been trying to fill 4 or 5 jobs in the help wanted area but so far no one seems interested! lol However I am going to be working on the design and trying somethings out in multiverse over the spring and summer and then in the fall when I have something to show I will be reposting and trying to get programmers and other jobs filled.

Also thanks to everyone for the comments its nice to know theres people interested in whats going on!

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