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Ok, it was brought to my attention tonight that I need to set deadlines and hold myself to them. So, I've decided that I'm going to do 2 projects: a simple 2D RPG (regular simple, not my simple) and a more advanced 3D RPG. The 3D RPG shouldn't take very long, since my brother and I have been working on the design for almost 2 years now, so it will be mostly coding and art. The deadline for the 2D RPG is 11:59pm of April 30th. I'll be setting 2 different deadlines for the 3D project after I finish the 2D project.

    2D RPG Features:
  • 4 layer terrain
  • 8 direction movement
  • 3 different skills - melee, ranged, and magic
  • Skills upgrade as you use them
  • 4 classes to choose from, each with at least 3 skills
  • The item, class, skill, and story systems are extendable.

Following is just going to be notes for the game (not everything will be here, just notes expanding on the features list.)

The terrain will use splatting to simplify development of maps.

Movement can be set in the file to be either 4 or 8 direction.

At the moment, character animations will consist of 3 frames, but since it will be in the file, I can change that.

About half way through, when I have something good to show, I'll look for a 2D artist so that hopefully I can use 8 direction characters.

The skill system is simple. When you attack with your melee weapon, you gain some experience for that skill. When you attack with your ranged weapon, you gain some experience for that skill. As your skills upgrades, the graphics for that skill will change.

New outfits are available throughout the game for each class. I'll try to include at least 2 new outfits for each class.

GUI and character movement will be mouse oriented.

Each class has only 1 melee weapon and 1 ranged weapon (thats what each skill is upgrading.) Shields are not included (use your sword/staff!)
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Actually, it shouldn't be too hard to get done in less than a month. I'm not going to be doing very much art (maybe a placer weapon and skill animation, but thats about it.) And, I'm not going to be doing any sound (it will have sound, I just won't be doing it, or doing it yet.) The longest part will probably be the GUI.

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