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Cook-Torrance Results

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Above: Identical data for all 3 spheres. Left-most is Blinn-Phong, middle is Ward and right-most is Cook-Torrance.

If you look closely at the above image I've got some pixel distortion going on. Only appeared since I've been using Nvidia hardware - guess it's that damned Directly Mapping Texels to Pixels malarky. A recent thread in DX pointed out that ATI and Nvidia handle this differently, hence it looked fine on my previous setup

EDIT: Fixed this now. click here for a 350kb image showing the difference getting texels-to-pixels correct can make. Image is a before and after shot with a difference in the middle - where you can quite clearly see the artifacts [oh]

Dropped in the Cook Torrance model this morning, wasn't too bad. My hard-coded test results were much better than the above image - but the final model must be data driven rather than hard coded. I guess another example of where my programmer-art skills get in the way [sad]

I managed to find a mistake in Advanced Lighting and Materials with Shaders (one of my 3 recommended books). On page 154, second column it has a code fragment:

float3 G1 = 2 * NdotH * NdotV / NdotH;
float3 G2 = 2 * NdotH * NdotL / NdotH;

The denominators in both those lines should be VdotH. The mathematical representation on page 104 agrees with my other resources and also confirms that the code fragment is wrong.

I don't know if the sample code has the same mistake, but it did make a noticeable difference to the results once I corrected it [oh]
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