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I would like to say this is /done/ but it is lacking the hit-testing element which will be coming next, either way i've got it displaying and animating.

Sucks that FRAPS drains my FPS, so as a result the video is a bit choppy, but you get the idea =)

Video of the topic menu in action
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not had a chance to watch the video, but the image looks like it's really coming together now [smile]

Keep up the good work!


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Looks pretty neat despite being a bit choppy. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

Any idea yet how your framerates will compare in Project2 to Morning's Wrath? I'm curious because in high resolutions I got some severe graphics lag in MW. Since this looks to be mostly (all?) outside, you should have alot less overdraw causing slowdowns. (At least, I've assumed that was my problem.)

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well comparing MW and Project2 is really an apples and oranges case.

Morning's Wrath used an engine that was developed with running on a 2D api in mind, it was later on that a 3D api was utilized to that we could have alpha blending. however the point at which the api could be integrated (the engine uses it's own api which was translated via DLLs to the real api) did not give us enough informat to do a really good job with the Morning's Wrath Direct3D adaptor.

for instance, with a 2D api it is VERY common to submit a number of 'blits' every frame randomly.

however since the 3D system had to emmulate this, vertex data could not be cached, thus dynamic vertex buffers were required which hurt performance a lot, that coupled with things like having to break large images up into smaller textures and do complex reconstruction really made it so that MW couldnt get the most out of the D3D API.

now Project2 and the S3Engine on the other hand are a different story.

while it will work /best/ with a SM2.0 card, it has been designed from the get-go with 3D hardware constraints.

currently we are seeing normaly 300 FPS in a large windowed mode.

(this /is/ on a 64bit athalon with a Radeon x800PRO)

and this is without any major optimizations, the difference is that the S3 engine system allows the majority of the work to be offloaded to the graphics card, which is the way 3D hardware likes things, Morning's Wrath tended to suffer from a restrictive API interface and the fact that it used 2D game techniques which didint transfer well.

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Looking very nice EDI..,
Don't use Fraps, Fraps is slow , give Gamecam a try, you will fall in love by it.

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