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New journal...

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OK, got my GDNet+ signup done this morning. I figured I should actually use some of the features it gave me.

I have just started a new game project. I think I will try my luck at a futuristic 3D first person shooter. I haven't decided on a name yet, it needs to be either a cool sounding synonym of "escape" or some sort of futury planet name. I have temporarily decided on "Coron IV", but that lends itself to problems, mainly pronounciation.

I have decided to program the game in C# using Managed DirectX 9. I have traditionally been a fan of VB, but I figure I should adopt another language. The game won't be very cmplex, so I doubt I will have any performance issues. Depending on how the development goes, I may decide to try and get a couple of other people involved. I will probably need an artist (2D and 3D), and possibly another programmer, mainly AI, but with some other talents as well.

I got a very basic framework of the game running. Basically, it will set up the DX window to a specified sized and color depth and arrange all the matrices. I am currently working on the DInput, that shouldn't take too long. Hopefully I will be able to begin programming some actual game stuff tomorrow.

That's about it. I will try and keep the journal semi-up-to date. It all depends on how school goes (August 18th) and how busy I am with other stuff. Sr_Guapo out.
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