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Paint a Beard on My Avatar and Call Me Santa!

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pan narrans


One of the great bonuses of becoming a staff member is that I get the GDNet+ membership along with all of its benefits for free. As I'd already paid up until August '06 that meant I had 4 or 5 months of GDNet+ time going spare.

A cunning plan formed: I contacted the guys in charge and asked if I could transfer this time to someone else on the forums. Mike has kindly obliged.

So, one lucky SOB is going to log on to GDNet to find themselves unexpectedly GD Plussed! [grin]
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I can suggest a few people from the community who could do with some gdnet+ goodies.

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Interesting idea... bit late for me now, but at a guess there should have been about 3 months of GDNet+ left on my account when I got mod'd. Didn't realise we might be able to donate it to someone else..


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I'm guessing you gave it to Pipo DeClown, who had a message in the GDNet Comments, Suggestions and Ideas forum asking why he all of a sudden had a Gdnet+ account. His message in the forum did quickly get deleted though...

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