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Remember: If you take a turkey out of the oven at 200 degrees celsius, and put it on the table where the room temperature is 20 degrees, after half an hour the turkey will be 695 degrees hot.
You can almost melt steel with it if you leave it on the table in open air a while longer.

Or at least, that's what happens according to my students.
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You've got to be careful with dem hell turkeys. They kun be a widdle twicksey.

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Your students apparently discovered my grandma's secret recipe gravy. . .

one tablespoon cornstarch
one beef bullion cube
one cup sulfuric acid
one cup quicklime

Mix all ingredients in a gravy boat. Pour on turkey, let stand until turkey burns through the table to the floor.


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Its nice of you to take time out to teach the "special" students.
If by "special" you mean "first year engineering" [sad]

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