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Basic locking has been reintergrated into the library. This was the first thing up since the testing system actually depends on locking to some degree. Before it was implemented against do-nothing stubs. This is less hackish than it sounds since the do-nothing stubs are still in the library as the single threaded build policies. That is to say, depending on a build flag, the ClassLevelLockable template class will either create proper locks for a multi threaded build, or perform a bunch of no ops in a single threaded build.

Next up is probably some of the simpler utility classes. Right now some of the code is dependent on some basic stuff provided in boost and loki. There's no reason that functionality can't be reimplemented in my library. Not that there's anything wrong with using boost per se, but there's quite a bit a scaffolding that goes along with including any boost header, and one of the goals of the rework of my code library is to reduce compile times. loki isn't quite as heavy weight, but since I've ended up modding the headers quite a bit anyways, might as well reimplement them in my library.
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