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Hmmm.. Hi all!

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Hello world! I have a journal!!

Today, like every other day, I signed in at GDNet. Today, like none of the days before, I had access to GDNet+ services. Oh, there must be something wrong.. I'm posting a new topic in the GDC&SF.. There must be someting wrong.. Really.. - Oh wait! -THAT-'s the thing Pan Narrans PMed me about! Because he was asking if I noticed anything different, and I thought he was talking about his website layout! [lol] Stupid me. So I found out about his give-away and I still can't believe that this has happened. My whole life, I haven't won anything I didn't work for, and now, it's like a dream come true, it's like having trip to the moon and stars, it's like eating unlimited spareribs EVERYNIGHT, it's like getting married with my girlfriend, it's like.. ..

No, I don't play that game but just for comparing. ;D

notice the icon, hehe.. I love you pan!
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awesome clouds animation - very peaceful in here [grin]

congrats on scoring the GDNet+


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it's traditional to rate up people whom get journals as a "welcome" I think, but you must have already done sommit elsewhere cos you're already at top-cookie level [wink]

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Thanks everybody! Haha, I'm still so excited about all this!! [lol]

@jack: the animation surprised me too when I suddenly actionscripted it. It's just a lot of randomly positioned clouds with random low alpha.

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Nice to see another journal!

The cloud motif reminds me that I finally have to figure out some sort of ornamentation for my journal!

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