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The Lion, The Witch, and the Bigass pile of Coffee

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Here's a good deal if you've got an Albertsons grocery store nearby (mostly western US).

The deal is this. If you order groceries online, they have a $25-off-$50 coupon code. Also, you can get $15 off if you buy the Narnia DVD and a pile of Proctor & Gamble products.

1. Go to albertsons.com and set yourself up for home shopping.
2. Click the big "Narnia deal" button at the top.
3. Add the Narnia video to your cart.
4. Add 2-pound cans of Folgers to your cart ($5 each if you have a shopping card, apply for one if you don't), until your total is over $50. There are other things that count too, like frozen Minute Maid juice and bottled water.
5. When you check out, ask for store-pickup ($5 surcharge).
6. Enter the coupon code "SpringFifty06" for $25 off your $50 order.

Your total should now be $50 (video and items) - $25 (coupon code) - $15 (narnia discount) + $5 (service fee) + tax = about $17.

I ended up getting four cans of coffee and four 10-packs of juice boxes and the Narnia DVD for $17. I'll probably ebay the video for ten bucks, thus giving me eight pounds of coffee and 40 juice boxes for seven bucks.

It's just plain Folgers, which isn't the best coffee. Their French Roast is pretty good, but that wasn't in the deal. I usually mix the Folgers with better coffee (ground bean or Melitta), which is pretty good.

If you need more info on the deal, go here.
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Recommended Comments

Buying everything at below cost is fun.

I got $90 worth of RoseArt building toys from Wal*Mart over the weekend for $20.


(the only time I ever buy anything at Wal*Mart is when I know they're taking a loss on it. Teehee)

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