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After working most all day on the website for Empire Productions I finally got it online! You can find it at www.starempireonline.com! Please let me know what you think of it and give me advice on ways to improve it! Thanks!
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the load screen is confusing. Why must the user press "continue" after the movie is loaded? I assumed the blinking dots after the "loading" meant that it was still loading.

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lol I don't know. I might just take that whole intro off. Its a free intro that I downloaded and I have no way of changing it at all so theres nothing I can do about it. :( but oh well it shouldn't take away from the site at all!

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I'm not sure I like that site at all.

Frames are blah, get rid of them.

Colors are too dark, I think you should adopt some lighter tones, and definetely not black!

Put a little bit more work into the art on the site. Curvy, pretty buttons go a long ways when making first impressions.

Otherwise, it's for sure a step in the right direction. :)

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all my other sites I have made in the past were hard to maintain and once I got it done they were hard to add new menu choices with out spending hours going through and updating each page. So with this site I want to be able to quickly add menu choices and expand the site and I was able to do that through using the frames. How else could I do it with out using frames?

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You can use a Content Management System (like mambo or joola) - it will allow you to easily update your web site, adding new content (and even organizing your website differently). You may need PHP+database (or ASP+database).

Another solution is to have the display code of your menu in a javascript file - this is the solution I used for a previous personnal home page. It worked well: I just needed to call a single function in order to display the menu. Since the script is executed on the client side, you don't have to cope with PHP or ASP.


Anyway, welcome, and good luck! :)

-- Emmanuel D.

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