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Dead Tree

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Every morning I would get up and make a fresh pot of coffee. As I sipped my cup I'd sit on my couch and stare out the window to where my favorite tree grew. This was a very special tree to me. A few years ago it was struck by lightning. Mike, the owner of our property, saw hope in it and decided to help it live. I remember sitting outside Monday night looking at it's branches and thinking about what a remarkable recovery it had made. I loved that tree.

Tuesday I returned home from getting new tires put on the vehicle. I saw this...

...and a bunch of lumberjack types hunched over it with their machines of death. "Why the fuck did you cut that tree down!" I said in shock. "It was dead.", a fat one replied. "It is now." I mumbled. I stumbled into my apartment dazed. I then took up position outside to watch them finish the job - staring at them with red eyes. It seems the new owners of our property didn't see that tree with the same eyes as Mike had.

So the tree is dead and with it my avatar. I'm now a land pirate sailing on the ship of revenge. Oh and the tree....it's still lying there in pieces. Those bastard lumberjacks didn't even finish the job.
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That's terrible. I know exactly what you mean, to be attached to something sentimentally -- living or non -- and watch it be destroyed by ignorance and unappreciation.

You have my condolences. Seriously. :(

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How about you grab a few pieces of it for the memories? Sorry to hear the story [sad]

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I want journal entries of murder, death, destruction and lumberjacks.

The council cut down a tree from some public land just behind my parents house... they liked that one as well, so ran off with bits of it before the council did. Now makes for some pretty cool "chairs" around the BBQ [smile]

Not sure if thats relevant, but thought I'd post it anyway!


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Guest Anonymous Poster


OMG, they killed Kenny!

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