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Wot ? I am Living ? Strange...

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Emmanuel Deloget



As you might have seen; I was quiet these last days. This is because I had some bad news (nothing awful... just a set of bad news). It killed my mind and I had to face a lot of migraines. This is not dangerous fro my life, so don't cry.

The problem is more that I was barely unable to think during these last days, so I didn't do my homework - to be fair, my day work also suffered from the situation.

Helas, no homework == no text RPG update. That's the sad thing. I need to hurry up.

Some work to do

Fortunately, I know where I want to go (that's something cool, since I don't have any functional specifications for the product).

There is two steps in this project: the first step is to design a correct (but not excellent) solution. As I already said in a previous post, the solution can be improved using other technologies - EDI and other already pointed scripted languages. The second step is to create an application that will use this design. In order to be a usefull tool, the application needs to be somewhat complex. Obviously, this is the case: I have to make a text based RPG, and these beasts are never simple.

I have some good news for you: the second step is nearly completed. Hopefully, I'll be able to give you a full text game in a few days.

But remember that this is not my goal. The real goal of the project is to give you some hints about how to design an application, not to deliver you a game. It means that I have something more important to deliver - and that's still a big ToDo.


  • finish the game code, with full comments: deadline on April the 16th
  • finish the BIIIIIIIIIIP: deadline on April the 30th
  • Then, you'll just have to send me some money (to my paypal account)

I may have some cool stuff for you during the few comming days.

Next project

I am already working on my next project, as some already knows. And this is super mega secret (well, not much. You might be able to find some clues about what I'm doing right now on these boards), so I won't talk about it, even if you try to torture me.
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Glad to see you are back! I've been waiting anxiously for the next installment in your Text RPG series.

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