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So here we are on the eve of another weekend.

For any indie developer with a full-time gig, the weekends are solid gold.

Given that I program games 9-5 at my day job, when I get home after that you might imagine that the last thing I want to do is work on another game. However it is essential to get some work done on the weekdays, I try to get at least one small piece of somthing done per weekday, but this doesnt always happen, when I do work on my game after work it ususaly leads me to a late bed time, and a few days of that gives you the signal it's time to take some rest, ususaly by thursday or friday i'm pretty burned out so i get a good night sleep on friday to make saturdays productive from 9am to 2am =D

Distractions play a large part in productivity (or the lack there of I should say), I'm the type of guy who can't work well with distractions, thinks need to be reletively quiet and no-one around is the best case scenario. If I listen to music it is normaly instrumental since the lyrics in various music works to break my concentration.

For anyone who has ever done homework (e.g. most of us) they might draw a connection between the feeling of getting ready to do homework with the feeling of getting ready to work on your game. As some of us know it's not the homework itself that is really troublesome it's the act of 'starting', same with game development really, so in most cases you need to apply a lot of effort to overcome the inerta of starting work on your game.

Once you do, you'll likely fall into it and get into 'the zone', so it is very important that all "aww I don't wana work on it now" type responses be meet with total apathy (from yourself) and simply go with the attitude "I don't care what you /want/ you've got a game to make so get to it."

So with that being said, this weekend I intend to finish the topic menu and the inventory menu.

this might be a little ambitious but, better overloaded than underloaded :D
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I like to work on my projects for an hour before i go to work, an hour during my lunch break (i come home for lunch), and then maybe an hour or so after work. It can be instense but its fun.

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When I think "Friday" alcohol is pretty much what comes to mind :D

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