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Stephen R


Its been a long time since I've posted anything in this journal. Hadn't coded anything for ages for various reasons, but I've just started up a new project that I'm looking forward to. Its more of an educational exercise. I'm writing a software rasterizer. Just to get to grips with the real maths, theory and other misc topics behind 3d gfx.

The first screeny:

I was having trouble finding a source explaining the perspective transform matrix for the last few days so I just decided to work it out using old fashioned pen and paper today in school. It was surprisingly easy and the matrix I got worked without needing adjustment. I'm ever so slightly chuffed [smile]

That is just a box composed of lines that I have rotating and moving around. Next job is to get it rendering the same box using wireframe tris, then I'll get onto filling them and sorting them.
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