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New "Company"

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So me, my friend and his friend are going to start a cybercompany, I'm responsible for games and programming. My friend is responsible for webthings, while his friend is...well...we don't know what he's gonna do [smile].

Well, here's the first draft of our logo, tell me what you see [grin].

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Cool. Is SKIDE an acronym by any chance? Something cool like..

Superior Kool Incorporeal Demonic Ewoks

..for example. :)

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We are all from Norway, and we don't really do anything else than .com, .net etc. So no Ltd. [smile]. Allthough we are going to sign papers when we hit 18 years old. Thats two/three years from now, about the time it takes to set up a decent website with products and users [smile].

Oh, and yes. It is an acronym for something, but I don't know what it is, I gottta ask my friend,but i'm sure it doesn't say that much about what we do anyways [grin].

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