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Why couldn't it be a massaging system?

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Shortly after the last update I realized things were headed in a really, really bad direction.
-I was randomly checking some handles using Process Monitor from Sysinternals when I noticed that I had a lot of repetitive file handles. It turns out that the config-loader I was using: SDL_Config doesn't properly release files. Every time I opened a file with it, the Windows handle to it stayed open. So I sucked it in and re-wrote a parser from scratch. It doesn't include the same functionality of SDL_Config(it's stupid about types and also has no support for [Groups]) but it's everything I need right now.
-Alongside this I realized that with SDL-Config taken out and my own grumpiness regarding adding [Group] support when I didn't need it in any of the other config files in my project, my GUI's config file was now unparsable. I had the choice to either add [Group] support or change the way I handled the file and I ended up choosing the latter. It now uses TinyXML to parse, meaning that in theory it can now support some pretty funky parent/child window relationships without the children having to explicitly know anything about the parent window(or even that they HAVE a parent window). It was a learning experience.
-After that, I then realized that I was hard-coding way, way too much of the individual classes together. Mostly this impacted the GUI, which was displaying gameworld information dynamically. However, this required that the GUI explicitly know what the World was and retain a pointer to it so that it could make boatloads of calls every frame. While this works for now, upon time it would have gotten unnecessarily complex and instead I opted to hack up a quick Messaging System. Emphasize the 'hack up' and ignore the 'quick' of that statement. I'm still working on getting everything back to the state it was in before and shifting as much hard-coded pointer functionality into Messages as I possibly can.
-After THIS, I need to implement framerate independant timing. If I get it working now, early on, it'll save me an uncountable amount of time in the future. However, it'll require some good sized re-writes of some objects which'll probably stall further advancement by another little while. It'll also allow me to do fun timing effects, possibly even in a per-object way.
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