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First real journal entry, or look! I posted pictur

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Pipo DeClown


Haha.. So now that I've started a journal, I'm supposed to post regular updates on what I've been doing, show an image of what I've been doing and so on.. Well, then I shouldn't be wasting any time! Here's my first real journal entry, and it comes with a picture!! WoW!! [lol]

I've been busy with this:
Haha. [lol]
No I'm just clowning, here's the real update:

I've been webdeveloping for a restaurant: click here

I'm done programming the near-useless admin control panel and will do the shoppingcart code. Nothing hard, it's just going to take some time. But I'm wondering though, do I have to deal with security and stuff?
Here are the icons:
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YAY Clown! Of course you're going to continue your subscription.... Right?.... Riiiiight?!

I was going to follow Leigh's lead and give away the rest of my subscription, but naaaaw. I'm not a nice guy [wink] .

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Hahaha I collect all the GDnet+ subscription left-overs out there. I'm like a community project!!! XD~~

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