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Freezer 2 flayed open, entrails exposed!

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So I finally worked up the courage to post a Freezer 2 post-mortem on my site.

I really wish I had a firmer design in mind when I started this game, but thinking about it has made me want to firm-up the design for Glow so I don't end up taking that thing down Hacks Alley.

Also, CSRPG's birthday is in 7 days and two months (Jun 15) -- so maybe I'll have something for you guys then. CSRPG2's first birthday is on Monday.

Bullet Point News(TM) because you like it so:
  • Glow: Changed some graphics around and added a pretty snazzy looking pistol item.

  • Glow: Improved control by changing how the player accelerates -- I still have to fix the sqrt(2) speed bug when moving diagonally.

  • Schoolwork: Finals [crying]
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I also have a post-mortem for CSRPG 2 on my website.

I also meant to give you my condolences on the loss of your tree. I have a little tiny evergreen out in my front yard that I sit by in the summer and draw.

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Nice post-mortem. Reading that over and seeing that others do indeed face the same sort of issues that I do while writing a game makes me feel motivated to get going on my projects. :)

The only thing I'd recommend you change is all of the unnecessary cursing (f*cking, bastards, etc) to clean it up into a more quasi-professional image.

Thanks for the read, Rav! Makes me look more forward to playing some Glow. [smile]

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There's no such thing as unnecessary cursing. [grin]

I think if I ever have to re-submit it somewhere else I'll clean it up, but generally my articles section is a rant-of-the-minute and GDNet would never take my articles anyway.

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"Also, CSRPG's birthday is in 7 days and two months (Jun 15)"

*cough cough*
Indeed it is.
*wink wink nudge nudge*

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