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Okay, so I'm kind of bored with my current projects, so I'm looking for a new direction to go in. I'm thinking about writing that overdue OGL Adapter so I can tinker around in 3D. Another thing I've been meaning to do forever is learn a shader language. I'm somewhat partial to D3D over OGL, but haven't used it in so long :O

But yeah, I guess I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I really much prefer D3D over OGL, but UVa uses OGL for all its graphics stuff (bleh). I've written exchangable wrappers around both of them for an old API abstraction project, and it was a nightmare. And when you get down to shaders, it seems pointless to attempt to wrapper them.

We'll see. I do want to make some pretty things on my screen soon enough though - I'm getting tired of textual output and jugging around with GUI crap.

Hooray for a billion half-baked pies.
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