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Boring progress

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I've not really had much of any interest to talk about this week - been writing up my dissertation report. A little over 10,000 words in 5 days isn't too bad [smile]

Still, got at least another 7 or 8 thousand words to go.

Drew_Benton deserves a mention this week - in an interesting attempt at avoiding "real work" he's linkified the DirectX Forum FAQ making it easier than ever to use.

As of June 2nd I'll have a lot more free time, so I plan on giving the FAQ a complete refresh. It's got loads of great stuff in it, but a bit of a tidy-up and addition of new information (etc..) can't be a bad thing [smile] I also recently noticed that the FAQ is a reference for the wikipedia entry on DirectX!

Anyway, think I'm off out for the evening. Friend of mine recently bought a 42" plasma screen, which is good for watching films on!
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Hey! Your FAQ and the forum you moderate is in wikipedia! If you continue in this way, you'll end up beeing a DirectX MVP! [smile]

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