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Popping up to say Hi

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Well it's certainly been a busy time coming back from GDC. I was starting to have that feeling of sinking beneath all the work I'm currently doing, which is never a good thing. I've found the best thing to do during times like that is to spend time on other things and just step back for a while and let things sort of settle back into place in your mind. I'm finally starting to get my feet back under me again, so here's a journal entry to help push me along.

So what's up? Well I figured it's been a while since I've actually enjoyed a good PC game (seriously, it's been too long) so while I was in Cali I picked me up a copy of Star Wars: Empire at War the new RTS game that's supposed to actually be good. Beleive me, I was rather hesitant even after reading all the decent reviews it had gotten after being scarred for life by Force Commander, which I wrote about years back in my Pixelate column but was never published - so here it is for anyone interested. My verdict? It is indeed an awesome game. I'm currently playing through the campaign as the Rebellion on Hard mode (after some practice on Easy and Medium doing a bit of Galactic Conquest). Space combat is awesome but ground combat is a bit of a bitch at times. Playing as the Rebellion my favorite tactic is to raid planets with light ground defenses so that I can automatically destroy any pesky space stations above the planet and install a bunch of ion cannons to help me in the forthcoming space battle. So this has been the majority of my time since returning from GDC. It was a nice break.

So though I'm still playing Empire at War it's time I started getting back into all my other stuff with renewed vigor. Dunno when I'll be back to more regular journal entries but it'll be sometime soon. Till then...
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