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It's getting pretty awesome. Can you "pick-up" the items from the inventory?... When's your FRAPS trial end? [wink]

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Err, I hate to be a pessimist, but that's what I am. That and a little hungover.

One thing I absolutely can't stand are menus which don't scroll smoothly. This loathe arises from me trying to figure out the relative changes from clicking the scroll button - does it add one item to the menu, or does it go to another page? While it's easy to figure out, I should be focusing on the content of the menu, not how the buttons work.

Additionally, it doesn't fit with the design of your other menus. The dialogue menu fades into existance beautifully. The options menu spirals into radial glory. But the menu items just... swap without flourish. And flourish is important.

I'm not trying to bash, I'm just pointing out my desires from a consumer's prospective - the menus would be much better if, when scrolling, the items slowly glided down instead of just "popping" around. Or some sort of animation to denote changes in the menu.


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That really looks awesome. :D And yeah, it'd be neat if the items menu scrolled horizontally instead of just "blinking". Kind of like how the menu pops up, but again, vertically.

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