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Last night holy shit last night omg. It was awesome.

So I went to see the last showing of the play A Midsummer Night's Dream last night. Its a good play, and a guy I know was in the cast. Which means I got into the cast party, and those guys typically know how to throw a party.

And by "throw a party" I mean supply lots of liquor. And have some good eyecandy walking around. mmm. Makes up for a lack of solid gameplay, at least. But I digress.


Essentially, I get smack wasted, and stop thinking.

Hermia (ie, sexy girl with flowers in her hair <3) comes over and starts hitting on me. It was great, but I was too busy drooling (metaphorically) to initiate anything (I was trying to find Puck, and ended up failing in that endeavor as well).

Despite these failures, I still had an awesome night. Plenty of great people, plenty of awesome booze, and plenty of good music. Definitely made the weekend, and easily among the top-ten parties of the semester.

Those drama chicks know how to work it.
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