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Mike Bossy


I've spent most of my weekend work time on adding all of my audio resource types to the resource manager. Following the same patterns that I already had for textures there wasn't anything crazy that I needed to figure out, I just needed to sit down and pound out the code. As anyone who's been programming for a while knows, this is the worst type of task to have on your todo list. Add creating a bunch of unit tests on top of it and I've had a boring coding weekend. The good news is that I think I'm done. I've got a little over 60 unit tests currently running and passing. I'm going to work on integrating the new changes into my game hopefully this afternoon.

I think what I've accomplished this weekend is what separates the Men from the boys. Anyone can sit down and code something new and exciting. Coding something boring and tedious that is still super important is where the true rockstars are born. At least that's what I'm telling myself. :) The truth is that in the past I would have put this work off forever because it is so boring. But not in my new hardcore results driven world!
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I know that feeling of tedious and boring code-code-code...

I personally turn it into a game of sorts to pass the time. Instead of just pounding out functional code that I could easily do with my eyes closed I try and make it a piece of artwork [grin]

Little things like making all of the formatting perfect, getting all of the naming consistent and accurate, adding lots of documentation and so on...

Maybe it's just me, but I find it both a useful and interesting distraction when the actual core part of the work is brain-dead boring!

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