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By comparison...

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The original image from the research paper

My version running as a ps_2_0 pixel shader

Not quite the same, but close enough for me to be happy [smile]

I made the mistake of leaving the tone-mapping and lens-effects enabled when generating my image, hence the change in colours and the odd square shape around the specular glow... I'll see about generating a proper comparison at a later date.
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Now THAT is a nice journal entry. The tone mapping and streaks really threw me off at first, I was thinking what is going on with his lighting?

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The bloom isn't going to be easy to solve - essentially that artifact is "by design" [headshake]

I downsample the HDRI data 4x in the bright-pass and then post-process that. Simple performance optimization.

From a quick check, the bright-pass is reducing much of the specular highlight to 1 or 2 pixels. Apply the bloom algorithm to those and you get that square/rectangle shape. Because the specular highlight is so bright you don't get such a soft fall-off.

Very much a case of "if I get time", but I'll see what I can do to hide the effect...


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