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Progress Report

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Sigh, so much slow going. I fear I'm just stuck because I don't have a good idea in my head how I want to make the actual game structures. In particular some of the fog of war info, and how to implement Trading in a way that is satisfying, but not computationally [or Human Interface-ally] suicidal.

Here's where a good technical design doc would come in handy if I were more experienced I bet...

I've at least started coding again, which is a step in the right direction.

- Added a class to handle the "Waiting Screen" for clients to chat while the map is being generated.
- Added a class to do simple elipsis animation. [eg: "Generating World...", the ... will rotate from "" to "." to ".." and so on to give the illusion that work is being done.]
- Added code to handle that Lobby->Waiting transition when all players are 'ready'.
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