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Obligatory Post

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It's been far too long since my last journal entry. I was going to distribute candies to compensate everyone, but I ate them while I typed this. Sorry.

The main time-hampers thus far have been work, school, and the preparations for getting our house sold. That's right, I'm moving. Nowhere far -- just about 15-20 minutes away into a quieter area. Newmarket has developed so much over the last 6 years, so we're going to find a nice placid place to relax again. :P

The other hurdle has been the recent mass bug hunt. A lot of bugs have cropped up that have been really hard to solve. Finally quashed one tonight, after three of us (Dean, Alex, and myself) sat in the middle of the forest in Alex's map and theorized about the bug and its implications. So a philosophical night on Skirmish. :)

Hopefully after the remaining bugs are fixed and tested against a 7-9 player pubtest we can at long last get to grenades, melee weapons, and mines. I can't wait. :D

(Clicky for full)

(Clicky for full)

(Clicky for full)

Ignore the fact that Draffurd is winning in all 3 shots. Hacker. :P
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Looking even better now. I am so envious that you have the time to work on your game.

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Damn HD that is looking really hot, I cannot wait to be able to help test it out.

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