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Filling the void

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nothing void


What a lame subject name...


Where there was once nothing, now there is nothing.void.

I've started this journal to chronicle my rise from humble existence to virtual godness.

I have nothing but the most unrealistic and unachievable of visions, which are bound to be my downfall - like so many who have gone before me. I won't settle for anything less than a 'game' resembling an entire self-sufficient universe in a computer.

Now aside from my stupednous claims, here's a little about my mortal self...

Name: Gavin
Age: 19

Programming Experience: 1 year of university level java, and a small amount of mucking around in C++.

Previous Projects: Failed tetris clone (C++/DirectX)

Occupation: (Studying)
- Information Technology (Computing & Multimedia) at the University of South Australia. - This is a pretty broad degree, covering animation/design as well as programming, IT, etc.

When I'm not programming I'm... either out being immature and destroying braincells or contemplating the meaning(lessness?) existence of which I am a part.

Do understand that rather than being one well-rounded individual I am more akin to 2 exactly opposite individuals in the same body .. not multiple personality, just very confused.

My biggest weakness is... Actually getting anything tangible done. It seems as though im more interested in concepts than their implementation, which I really need to overcome if I want to achieve anything.

Ideas are brewing in my head for both my ultimate dream project and the steps I'll need to take to get there (Let's see... PONG comes to mind.. :( )

More on that to come!

Apart from games, my biggest interest in the computing area would have to be artificial "life", although I'm currently in a philosophical debate with myself about just what is alive and what is not.
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