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You aussies wouldn't know a good beer if it jumped up and bit you on the arse!

Toohey's is as good as I've had so far and even then it's leagues behind a good Yorkshire bitter. I've got a plan... A CUNNING PLAN.
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Sheesh, that's two journal entries in a row you've criticised our beer. I hardly ever drink the stuff myself and yet I feel strangely insulted.

Guess the only recommendation I can make is to try Cascade, which when I choose a beer I tend to like, but I'm no connoisseur. We also have some good cheap red wine, which I sometimes drink in the same fashion as beer [smile].

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He's just finicky about his beer. He's something of a conos... connas... self-proclaimed expert or something. Don't let him get you down. If you run across him in Australia there, just kick him in the kidneys and say "That's for insulting our beer and for not inviting VertexNormal to go along!"

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As long as your cunning plan doesn't involve us getting less (or worse) beer over here... Wouldn't want a reverse of the "Fosters Incident" [grin]


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You need to be HARD to drink our beer. Most people find the taste too strong. Even most aussies go for the lame-o expensive crap because it has less taste. TRUE aussies drink the hard shit! You need to be a MAN to handle XXXX Bitters! A MAN!

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I disagree.. Bitter is a lot easier to drink but it's also a lot heavier. If you select a nice bitter you can have a good taste that runs smoothly down your throat.

When you get used to it you can really knock it back too. Downing a pint of fizzy lager will take me 10-15 seconds but bitter I can knock back in under 7 quite easily.

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Good points... I'm a big fan of my session beers - something that tastes great but isn't strong enough to blow my head off [lol] But I almost always finish a night on session beers with something of higher gravity [wink]

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For someone who has been criticising the beer, you seemed to drink a lot of it this evening ;). VB no less. Seriously, what do you have to defend yourself with now? You could have spent more on Sterlings, Hahn Premium or perhaps some Crownies instead of drinking that lame excuse for beer...

Next time I hope to stick around to match you round for round until you are under the table ;P

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