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Ten Minutes a Day

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Motivation is a strange thing. Beginning the work is always the hardest part. It seems to be the same with everything. I dread getting up in the morning to go to the gym. But once I'm there, I'm thankful that I went. I dread preparing 36 meals for the week (6 meals a day, 6 days a week), but once I begin preparing them, I'm thankful that I did. It's the same with my homework. Once I get started on an essay or paper, the words just seem to flow out of me, and I wonder why I waited to get started.

For project work, it's the same thing. I know that I have things I want to get done, but sometimes it's just hard to get started. So basically, I've just said to myself, I want to work at least ten minutes on the project, every day. Ten minutes usually turns into 30, 30 into an hour, an hour into two, and so on. Some would say you shouldn't have to coerce yourself to do what you love, but is that really true? How many times have you wanted to do something, but you just sat on the couch and watched a movie because it was the "easier" thing to do. That's the thing. People usually take the path with less resistance. Is it easier to continue watching that movie, or to learn to use that new game engine? Well, no more for me. Ten minutes a day. That's my new motto.

With that in mind, I opened up the TGB level builder yesterday with the idea of taking ten minutes to create a new level with scrolling clouds and mountains and a player ship placed in the level. By the time I was finished, I had loaded up Torsion - a fantastic IDE for TorqueScript - and began adding player movement and projectile code, enemy spawns, and collision. I only stopped when I encountered a problem I didn't know how to fix. I made a post about on the TGB forums, hopefully they get back to me soon. I have to put in my ten minutes today.
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That's an excellent mindset. I offer kudos to you for being able to resist programmer instinct (read: laziness), and taking the high road towards success!

I definitely have this problem too, and I've been trying to follow such examples of motivation-heroism (:P) to get more done with my time. Small things, like not playing Oblivion for several hours a day, add up to more time to get important things done.

Thanks for the motivational post. [smile]

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Why did Oblivion have to be so damned good? :)

I've been following your journal, I'm anxious to check out skirmish, so get coding already! :P

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