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Inspired by benryves DOOM stuff I decided to fool around with it myself. At first it was just supposed to be a simple texture loader, but things quickly changed. So far I can load all the WAD textures and I can load one level at a time, just the data though, I haven't tried to assemble the level yet( it scares me...). I fugure there's no real reason to load more than one WAD or level at a time and even now the bare-bones app takes up 80 megabytes of RAM.

And now for some simple screenshots. Everyone loves screenshots.

This is level 1 of DOOM 2. It looks right, except upside down.

Edit: The JPEG format raped my pictures, I swear it doesn't blur like that.
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PNG is huge, though -- I'm planning on switching to JPEG pretty soon to save on bandwidth costs.

And it's looking really good. I worked up some horrible billboarded Doom-sprite support in Ferp a couple weeks back (see my journal entry on it) and it was a lot of fun. I'd like to make a whole game like that, but they tend to make me ill to play (Hexen 64 made me have to lie down for a few hours before I could move without feeling nauseous).

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I saw that entry, but I didn't know you were loading them from the WAD. Oh well, the texture format is easy, putting the levels together is proving to be a royal pain in the ass.

I was actually planning on porting the whole thing to .Net, but that'll take forever.

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Yeah I saw that. Looks cool, but I'm not very found of this C++/CLI thing. It looks like MS just tried to make C# in C++ and a mess resulted.

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That's awesome. I think now you're pretty much obligated to write a complete .NET rewrite of Doom 2, lest your fans cut you down where you stand. [grin]

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