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Update schedule.

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Just some advance warning: I won't be getting much at all done.
  • This week: Two final tests, some homework. Might get a post in on Friday.

  • Next week: One final exam, studying for my super-hard final exam.

  • Week after: Final final exam (redundant?) in my worst course. I need to study with absolute concentration for this one. Don't expect me to even be online [crying]

  • After that: I have a week before I start with my job, and I'll try to pull at least six hours per day on Glow during this week. After that, I'll be using the "10 minutes a day" iterative design process during my job. Feel free to IM me (AIM:ravuya, MSN:ravuya@gmail, YIM:mr_seigen) and bug me to see if I've done my 10 minutes a day. Please do! I need some focus during the summer.

I have started thinking about my next games: they are going to be much smaller and rely on procedurally generated content primarily (rather than human-generated, which slows me down greatly). Those of you who remember my research into genetic algorithms and procedural content generation a few months ago will be pleased to see that it is all based around my cellular automata scripting language (RavCA). Expect a sequel to Phoenix and possibly a mini-Sunrise and Death Rally clone.

I'd also like to update Propane Injector so it is more object-oriented and amicable to network transparency; I've been rather inspired by Cow_In_The_Well's engine designs.
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Yes, this one will procedurally generate the ships and use pixel and vertex shaders to mutate the playfield. Also, you're not going to be limited to vertical scrolling and will have a capture-and-defend playstyle.

If I have time, I'll write some plugins so it will work along to the music (maybe with HDR hypnoglow) and have online high score and seed downloads.

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