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Not much of anything really

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I'm afraid I don't have much to show for anything so far this week. I have been pretty bogged down in stuff that has been taking a bit of my time and concentration.

Aside from some personal stuff that I'm not going to go into here other than to describe as an utter head wreck, in the last two weeks I have also started visiting the gym. About an hour a night, three nights a week. I only met with one of the trainers tonight, who has given me some pointers on what I should be doing to get where I want to go. Thankfully, I wasn't doing too badly on my own, so I don't have to deviate too much. Unfortunatly, while my head is fairly comfortable with the idea, my body is still a little bit "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?!", so its killing my energy.

Work wise, this means that I haven't a lot to show since the last entry. I'm still struggling with the 7z documentation, though I do have a little head way made. I have figured out what the structure they intended to be so obvious was (only too three days of staring and quitely uttering curses on the authors family that should see them pretty much screwed until the Sun engulfs the Earth). As such, I have the beginnings of a class to write a 7z file. By beginnings, I mean about 10-12 bytes of header information...

I'm starting to get the feeling that I am being bogged down in something that I don't need to be paying that much attention to, so while I'll keep at it, I'm going to start alloting equal tiem to other aspects of it.

BotH: I do have a lot of other installer related stuff that I want to talk about, and while a lot of it is pretty well formed in my head, I don't yet have anything to back it up with. In the next week or so I intend to do a proper write up that will hopefully fully clear up the structure of the file itself, as well as some stuff that I want to get feedback on for the native application. I'll aim to get one done this week, and maybe try to get one out on a weekly basis. Somehow, the hard part is going to be getting snappy titles for them all...
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