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Some philosophical thought..

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nothing void


So I've come to the conclusion that the only two certainties are:

1) Individual reality - My own experience must actually be happening, or else I would not be experiencing it at all.

2) beyond-universal uncertainty. Assuming that what I perceive is not merely an illusion, what IS beyond what I can perceive? In other words, what is outside the universe? Does the fact that I cannot perceive it make it not exist at all? Or does it mean that anything and everything exists outside the universe?

I feel like Schroedinger's cat must feel, wondering exactly what is outside the box. Not to mention forever fearful of the uncertainty of living in a box where a poison could be released at any moment without warning... (Hmm that gets me thinking... *Crackpot theory #43 - The universe is a schroedinger's cat-style box, from which no information can be gathered from the outside apart from what it was constructed from.*)

These two ideas have not been strictly proven but my mind is very logical and they have been arrived at through much thought.

By all means go ahead and tell me your point of view, or even that I'm just plain wrong.
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You can prove the existance of nothing but yourself (which is defined by Descarte's "I think therefore I am"). You are surrounded by the void, which is transmuted into an ethereal world by your imagination. You are, for all purposes, alone and powerless.

That's a pretty depressing thought :(

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Indeed it is, which is why I am still pondering the matter, hoping somebody was wrong at some point.

My only meaning in life is to search for meaning to life, if that makes sense.

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So if you know your meaning in life is to search for the meaning of life, then haven't you already found the meaning of life and are therefore complete?

Else, if your meaning in life is to find the meaning of life which isn't to find the meaning of life then are you forever bound to continue searching for a contradiction?

This is why I'm a CS major, not a psycho major like my psycho roommate.

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Individual reality - My own experience must actually be happening, or else I would not be experiencing it at all.
I believe that happening is defined as experiencing so what you are saying is that my experience must be experiencing or else I would not be experiencing it. Is that right? Sounds a bit like saying that a rock must be a rock because it’s acting like a rock. But does the rock experience being a rock? If not does the rock exist from the rock’s point of view? And if you say that the rock has no point of view then have you limited your definition of experience?

...what IS beyond what I can perceive? In other words, what is outside the universe?
Most of us have 5 senses. Some would argue that, but for the time being let’s assume that humans perceive their universe using 5 senses. An important sense, sight, is limited to a small fraction of the light spectrum. For example light traveling in the FM band is invisible to our eyes. We cannot perceive it by any of our 5 senses unless we build a device to translate the light into something our senses can perceive (sound). We do not perceive the light however; we are listening to an interpretation of the light. Therefore saying that whatever we cannot perceive is outside the universe is either false or your interpretation of the universe is relative and therefore not universally truthful. There are many odorless, tasteless, invisible gasses about you at this moment. You do not perceive them but if one were to suddenly explode you would become aware of it. Does this mean that it didn't exist in your universe before it exploded? Perception is limited for humans but I think that’s a good thing for our current state of evolution. It would be annoying if I couldn't see the computer screen because the air was in my way.

I like this kind of entry.


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Entropy and the Conservation of Information... In a bose-einstein condensate you are destroying information by removing the identity of the individual atoms. Where does that information go?

Also if there is such a thing as a soul, where is the conservation? If we are just a collection of atoms then I do not care if I die as I will not know, if we are more than that then it must be conserved and I will no simply disapear.

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Nicely done! I'm positively confused now...

From seeing your point of view, it seems as though we are both possibly right? That is, you simply cannot know anything other than that which you experience. Anything beyond experience could exist or could not, it doesnt matter which.

I did come up with this after brief thought, for your second point - regarding relativistic and "universal truth" as you called it.

If I understand correctly, you're trying to say, in the strictest logical terms:

"Perception of it implies it's existence."

In English that translates to:
"It MUST exist if I perceive it, but it may or may not exist if I do not perceive it."

If we say that "it" is "I" (as in, the self), then we get:

"I Must exist if I perceive I(myself), but I may or may not also exist if I do not perceive I(myself)".

To be able to exist without perceiving oneself seems to be a slight problem.

I'm not sure I've completely nailed it, my thoughts are usually vague, but let me know what you think . . its good to find someone interested in this sort of thing.

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