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I just took the ACT. It was tough, but I don't think I did too horribly. I don't like how it supposedly tests knowledge, but doesn't give you enough time to finish comfortably. I knew everything on the test, but I can't read too terribly quickly (I read as fast as I talk, which isn't too fast), so I wasn't able to finish some of the parts.

On a totally unrelated note, I would like to recommend the following oblivion mods (which I haven't tested because of the aformentioned resolution):

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul: On paper this looks to be the best mod ever. It fixes the biggest problem with Oblivion, namely the indescriminant player-scaling. It puts minimum levels on things so that you feel weak in the beginning, BUT, it puts level caps on things so that they don't get unrealistically strong. This pretty much fixes the game's biggest problem. I will actually test it, and see if it really works this Sunday.

Inebreiation: Allows you to get drunk, with some awesome visual effects.

Af Leveling Mod: Improves leveling dramatically. Makes it to where your attributes level up with skill use instead of those stupid multipliers. It also guarentees that your max level will be 50 (if you choose, it gives you lots of options). Allows you to be more spontaneous without worrying about how you're going to level up. Makes the game much more fun.

Level Slow: Slows leveling down, which is great, 'cause it's too fast.

Natural Environments: Makes the game prettier.

Like I said, they sound awesome, and I'll test them out sunday. Can't wait!

Edit: Here's Another:

Bounty Reduction Over Time:
Slowly the guards forget about you, only if you avoid them long enough.
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I agree; it's amazing that the mods have come out so fast. I'm still thinking of Oblivion to be in the "brand new" phase.

Is the game pretty straight-forward to make simple mods for?

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@Drakkcon: Whee, mods already. I've already promised myself that I'll play the game through once vanilla-style before toying with mods. And that might be a long while at this pace -- it's so easy to get sidetracked!

@TZ: The TES-CS (TES Construction Set) is remarkably easy to use. Any developer around here should have no problem making some simple mods with it. :)

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I remember the construction set being a lot of fun for Morrowind.

All I have heard is that it's easier to use, which I guess is likely considering the sheer quantity of mods already released.

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