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A little update.....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Today I got some small stuff done, like tweak the rendering code to make it a little faster.

Prior to today, all the stuff was being rendered to the screen in immediate mode, which was starting to chug the game down quite a bit on lower end comps, so today I wrote some code that allows the sprites to be compiled into display lists, which should speed things up a bit, although I haven't tested it yet (and I have no idea what I'm doing[wink])

The other little thing I worked on was recoding the ship object to include our new system. The system should make the game a lot easier to balance out, and it should be a lot easier for someone to pick it up and figure it out. Our old system consisted of a complicated system of energy reserves and actions associated with a certain energy cost... yeah, kinda complicated. Our new system is much simpler, allowing each ship one attack, and as much movement as you want(assuming you have the movement points, which are used up when you move). WE're still trying to work speical actions(lauching fighters, buoys, etc) into the system, but it shouldn't be that hard to integrate.

I've got two screens for you guys today, one of which is pretty much a crappy screen showing a destroyer with the "Sensor Buoy" special action selected(which looks kinda cool I guess). The second screen is the screen of he heightmap I promised in my last entry, but couldn't upload... yeah, here it is....

Let us know what you think, Peace Out!
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I've been watching this for a while, very good progress!

Regarding your new system, to be honest I like the sounds of the old system better. The new system just seems really 'standard' is all. From what I understand, in the old system a ship has x amount of energy and can do as many actions using that energy as they want in a turn? And then the next turn some of the energy will have recharged? I think that kind of system makes it lot more tactical, and allows for situations that I haven't seen in any other game of this type.

For example, all your ships have full energy and you want to make one big drive to finish off your opponent, but if you use all your energy and it fails then you might not have enough next turn to recover your position. Kind of makes things a bit more interesting I think both for attack and defense because there are far more options open at any given time. It will also prevent stalemates from happening where people sit one square out of range of each other because you could never be quite sure what 'range' you opponent is working to next turn.

Also, you could also have something where as a ship takes more damage it regenerates less energy per turn, thus getting rid of the ridiculous situation in most games where a unit at 1hp has all the ability of a unit at max hp. Thats just a pet annoyance of mine, but if it breaks the game then don't worry about it :P

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Well , while the old system was flexible, it was turning out to be too flexible. The problem we ran into was that there was becoming less and less distinction between ship classes because you had all that flexibility. ie. A destroyer could deal as much damage as a BattleShip if you just used all your energy for attack, and didn't move it. While this system was a pretty cool idea, it made the balancing of ship classes a nightmare, because you could do so much with every ship. Could we have balanced it out eventually? Yeah, probably, but the huge amount of time it would take to get everything just right just wouldn't be worth having the extra flexibility.

While the current system is a bit standard, we are introducing some elements that kinda break the move->attack->endturn paradigm. As for your low HP penalties, we actually haven't thought of that yet (formally at least), so we'll get back to you on that[grin]

Thanks for showing interest!

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