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One of my other guilty pleasures is fantasy novels, "teenage boy romance novels" my wife calls them. Fairly accurate assessment... Dragonlance, McCaffery, a little other stuff here and there.

Despite my reservations after the complete butchery of the end of the latest big Dragonlance trilogy, I picked up the first in Weis' new trilogy. 6 hours later, the paperback is done with.

It was good as far as these things go. A little heavier than usual on the "romance", and a bit more contrived than usual on the plot elements, but good. The story flowed fairly well, the cliffhanger is well executed, and much of the character development [deities in particular] was much more satisfying than in past novels.

Not the pinacle of literary art, but well-done formulaic entertainment. Six hours of entertainment for $8 isn't bad.
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You ever read the Dragonlord series by Joanne Bertin? She's only got two out so far but my girlfriend got them for me and I couldn't put them down.

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Eh, no. I'm terrible about trying new things, so I'd love to hear more recommendations :]

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