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S for Sleeplessness

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So, at this point in time I only have roughly two weeks before I can head home and begin my summer vacation. And a week after that I come back to school -- so, yeah, awesome and such. Though, honestly, as much as I don't really want to do it, school during the summer is actually kind of fun. It's a lot more "relaxed" than a normal school year and, at least in my experience, the people that stay for summer tend to be a different variety of student. You know -- the insane, masochistic variety of student. So, yeah, you know... There's that.

Anyone who's anyone knows that, in the past, I have had some mild difficulties with sleeping (to this end, I present exhibits A, B, and C to the audience). Well, these situations tend to surface in spurts and sprees of so many shapes and sizes that it's simply a show of the sporadic style of my subconscious. Which is to say that this shit follows no pattern. For the last week it has taken the form of a new "low" in the amount of sleep my body can sustain for any segment of time. At this current point in time I believe I have been getting about two hours of sleep per night for the five-six days. And while this was a normal occurrence in June of last summer, I was actually getting a substantial nap (four to six hours) in at some point in the day. I have not been similarly blessed recently... So to say that this has taken some kind of hit against my psyche wouldn't be too far off the mark.

Also, I figure anyone with a soul should be able to take joy in the extended Firefly "gag reel"; I'll take whatever I can get with regards to more Firefly/Serenity goodness. I miss the show. Sadpanda.

And while I'm at linking completely unrelated things, here's a cute little bunny rabbit. Seriously, if that picture doesn't make your heart go all warm and fuzzy and melty and gooey then you're pretty much lost.

I'm really running out of ideas for things to continue writing about for this entry, but it's primarily an exercise in staying awake long enough to the point where I can safely lay down and zonk the hell out for a solid eight hours. At which point I'll wake up all refreshed-like and continue ... Well, I'll continue. I was really hoping I could figure out a more dramatic way to finish off that thought, but I just failed. All apologies.

Here's a clicky where you can read Kevin Smith's account of friend/costar Jason Mewes' trials with drugs and the like. This isn't normally my kind of stuff but it's written with so much humor and style (despite being a fairly depressing tale) that it's hard not to enjoy the read. It's currently in an unfinished state (weighing in at seven parts) but Smith seems to be adding to it frequently. Should reach its conclusion any day now.

Now I'm just grasping at straws. I'll quit while I'm ahead.

you only meant well
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