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Purchases Galore

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Monday, Apr 10

This'll be quite a week of expenditures for me, all good stuff tho. Well, the only kind of sucky one is that my car needed a new battery, which set me back around 100 bucks. That wasn't planned and now I'll have to wait until next month to get my windows tinted but, oh well - I've waited long enough for that already another month won't kill me, haha. Over the weekend I bought a Western Digital Caviar 7200RPM 120GB with an 8MB cache for $65 ($15-off deal) from NewEgg along with a silver external enclosure (with blue LEDs, mwahaha) for $34. Tuesday my friend and I are ordering some motorcycle parts and accessories. My bike needs a new rear tire - it officially bought the farm today when it refused to inflate at all (it's been leaking air over days for a while) and his bike needs a new front tire. We're also both getting new helmets. I need one so I can give chicks rides with my old one and he needs one cause the one he got last year doesn't have the extended chin. I haven't picked a tire yet (the Dunlops I want are out of stock) but here's the $180 helmet I'm getting. I swear the vent thingies on top are just begging to have LED lights installed in em. Mwahaha. Oh yea I might also be picking up a vent cover for my Tiburon off ebay for $25.

My drive and enclosure should be here on Thurs, can't wait to set it up and stuff. My bike's off the road until I can get that new tire put on which sucks now that gas prices are going back up real quick. It also sucks my mechanic is on vacation in Florida all this week and he'll have to trailer the bike in cause I can't ride it anymore. Bah.

So tonight I downloaded Beta2 of the Torque Game Builder (formerly known as T2D) and played around with it a bit. Real cool, still have to see if GC will work okay with it tho I don't forsee any problems especially since none of the other releases ever affected it.

But okay, I have to pick up my father from the airport at 9 in the morning so I guess I better attempt at going to sleep at a semi-decent hour. Yea right. Wish me luck.
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Be prepared to redo some code. There were big changes in beta 2 and I'd be suprised if GC is not affected in some way. Just remember setGroup and getGroup are now setGraphGroup and getGraphGroup. Good luck. Can't wait to see more on GC.

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