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I got a job at BioWare!!

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Well, I was going to post about my last interview, but today I was given an offer for BioWare (Edmonton) that I'm definitely taking!

I'll be an Art Tools Programmer on Dragon Age and also on the BioWare Eclipse Engine.

Was supposed to start beginning of May, but I'll probably go end of May in order to finish up some current project obligations and do a knowledge transfer. I handle three roles at my current job, so I need to transfer each role to a resource. But, no complaints!!!!!!


Cloud 9,
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Damn, you'll be moving close to me. I accidentally went to a movie where a bunch of Bioware guys were in attendance once.

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Hah. Perhaps when I graduate I'll run up to Bioware. They're certainly growing by leaps and bounds.

Any tips?

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here's a tip, don't go through human resources, find a way to get yourself known to the people who actually do the work. HR in most companies are notorious for turning away talented people.

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FANTASTIC, Gwihl!! You must be bouncing off the walls in excitement right now!

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Dragon Age is going to be a great game, I've been looking forward to it for a while. Congratulations on the new job =) BioWare is a company I would love to work at.

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Thanks for the support guys =)

I'm soooooooo pumped. Been trying to get in for years.

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Here just to wish ma'm8 all the best in his new job, I think it's a great oportunity, here's hoping you'll meet loads of talented and interesting people and may this be the start of a fruitful career...

*raises glass*

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