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Ok, I got the new list up. I'm just starting the graphics module. The Graphics and Texture classes are totally finished (at the moment, something might come up, but shouldn't). Input is also finished, of course. Audio is almost finished, I just have to add the manager class. All my thanks goes to Raymond, who helped me get my Ogg class working perfectly (Thank you Raymond!) I'm pretty sure I can have the rest of the graphics module (minus fonts) finished by morning (6 is bedtime.) After that I'll move onto the SoundManager class, Engine class, and then onto the Game section.

The only wishlist item right now is the ListView (again, thanks to Raymond for the idea) since it won't be the easiest to implement. Text, Button, and TextBox are just regular widgets (TextBox will only be half complete, since I won't be adding multiline support until later on.) Array is going to be an WxH static array of widgets that can be filled (its going to ease making inventory systems for my RPGS.) I might add a page flipping or some sort of scrolling, but then it would be the same as ListView (although, I plan to implement ListView with smooth scrolling.)

Console is going to be your standard console. It will store some lines, and allow for input.

Of course, the list will shrink/grow as I work on the game. Most likely the game will be finished before everything on the list is implemented.

Anyway, at the end of the month, I am going to see what I have done and set a definite deadline for the project.

I'll post another update before I go to bed. I'll see how much I can get done in 5 hours.

Edit: Ok, I've decided that I am going to add array, and it will be setup without any scrolling.
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Well, I didn't get nearly as much done as I thought I would, but I spent a little extra time figuring out a log file theme. I also had to go through and add logging to Graphics, Audio, Sound, and Texture. TextureManager and SoundManager won't have any logging, since the Texture and Sound classes do.

So, I got TextureManager, Font, and D3DFont done. D3DFont just initializes a basic D3DFont (I'm just supplying this until I get my bitmap font class done.)

The rest of the Engine code WILL be done by bedtime tomorrow (Thursday 2 - 4am since I have to work) and I will start working on the GUI. I'm setting my alarm, so I'll be back up in about 4 hours.

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Well, I had planned on getting up at 10 to work on the project some more, but my dad woke me up a half an hour after I went to bed. He was accusing me of moving his crap (coat and money bag) and like always, for some reason I got "Why would your mom do something with it?" WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO SOMETHING WITH IT?! So, I get up, go down stairs, and guess what. I was right, mom had moved it from the back seat of the car to the trunk.

Anyway, I got up at noon, had some breakfast and I've been talking with my mom. It seems my dad thinks I need to get a job different than the one I have. I'm working with my mom, I get 25% of the paycheck which is just enough to cover my bills. So, why would I get a 5 day a week job when I can continue in a job that only takes 2 days at the most?

Anyway, enough of my personal life. I don't really have an update, just a list of what I'm going to be doing today. Starting with FontManager, then Quad, TerrainQuad, VertexBuffer, SoundBuffer, Engine (in that order.) The Quad class uses a vertex that has x, y, z, w, diffuse, and 1 set of texture coordinates. TerrainQuad has x, y, z, w, and 2 sets of texture coordinates. VertexBuffer is a templated class, so that I can use it with Vertex or TerrainVertex, or the user can supply his own (but must define a const int SIZE, and const int FVF.)

All of the Manager classes use std::map and boost::shared_ptr. They allow two values for input, pName and pFileName. pFileName can be 0, in which case pName is used in its place (this way, the filename can be used as the ID.)

I'm implementing the renderstate tracking system using map. If its too slow or anything, I can always redo it later.

Hopefully I can get everything done soon, I'm really excited to work on the GUI. For some reason this seems to be my module of choice to work on.

Wait for it... wait for it...

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