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I'm busy adding 4 lane roads back into the game, and working on the territory system.

I've fixed a number bugs, client and server side. I've added the lens flare back into the game, since I don't have time to add a HDR type washout effect into the game. I'm also making a lot of progress on the latest version of the multiplayer vehicle & NPC syncronization code.

I should have gone with my current approach from the start, instead of being stubborn and trying to fix my previous technique of syncing the vehicles & NPCs over the network.

I'm making a big push to get this damn thing into BETA, and then out the door...so I can start working on my next project.

Other than that...I've been spending most of my time in the gym, racing around town in my car, golfing, etc. Just chilling and working on the game for the most part.

Here's the usual dose of screenshots...let me know.

- Dan

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So...lets be frank...how quickly will I be able to mod this game into the Warriors? =D. I wanna bop my way through some turf.

Looking good.

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Looking good, i like the water that you added in, looks cool.


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visage - The only problem would be creating the player models :-) I'd love to find somebody who could make that many character models to make that work.

Laz - Lol...I did spend a little while tweaking the shadows, and this is as good as I can get 'em. I think it looks better than before (I tightend up the jittered sample points for the percentage closer flitering on the shadow maps), but still...most games that use shadow maps (Battlefield 2 really comes to mind), they all suffer from the same artifacts...BF2's shadow maps aren't even filtered (on my card at least, ATI X700) and look really bad up close, so overall I think mine aren't that bad.

I suppose one way of avoiding this would be to just not have shadows on objects X distance from the camera. I suppose it is a personal preference...I'd go for shadowing on all objects, and average quality shadows up close...verses high quality shadows up close...and no shadowing on objects a decent distance from the camera.

Plus the fact that I don't use per-object shadow maps it's difficult. Given the requirement that the time of day is 100% dynamic, and the camrea can pull out so high above at any time, having two large shadow maps over the entire scene is the only approach I could really take to make it work.

I'll try to post some better/higher-res pictures of the shadows later on.

- Dan

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