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Flippin' bugs!

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The Good

Well, 6-player tests are always fun, at least. I finally got a FPS/update-speed bug ironed out so that now the game overall runs very smoothly irregardless of framerate. I had this somewhat in before, but slowdowns were still occuring. Needless to say, it's now very comfortable.

The Bad

There's just one bug standing in my way before I can get back onto real development. It's this strange one where I think I'm getting left-over data from one packet, and the game is interpreting it as another packet. For example:

(Clicky for full)

(Clicky for full)

And I am completely clueless as to what could be causing this. I've checked over my server send/recv and client send/recv code at least a dozen times and have spotted nothing. My hair is on the verge of being torn out. :(

Any suggestions? I know my problem is rather general, but I'm grasping at any straws here. (Sans alcohol -- sorry Mushu :P)
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Recommended Comments

How are the levels handled in SO (acronyms, hell yeah)? They looked like they could be tile based, but you've got a lot of diversity in your screens. Anyways, just wondering...

Sorry about your networking troubles, I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to that stuff, so I wont even attempt a suggestion....

Keep up the good work, your journal is pretty inspirational!

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It almost looks like there is memory that wasn't properly released. Perhaps something is deleted, but you are still using the pointer? Are you seeing the same problems in a debug build of this? If not then I would be more certain that this is your problem. Just a shot in the dark though.

I would equip a +10 Shotgun of Logging, and put logging statements throughout the troubled areas. It may be a pain, but they are easy to strip out once you find the problem.

Good luck!

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I'm sure there's a memleak/mallocguard implementation for your operating system and debugger.

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@Sapo: It's tile-based, yes. Although I too admit that Draffurd has done a nice job in covering the grid-feel that is commonly seen. (Acronyms are good; sometimes I call it SkirmO :P) I'm glad that our journals have a chain-effect of inspiration on eachother. :)

@Mushu: I have yet to try coding while drunk. When I do I'll post the source.

@Nit/Ravuya: I'm clearing out the packet buffer entirely before usage every time, not to mention most of the memory stuff in Delphi is managed for you. (Thank goodness!) I don't know how you C++ folks sleep at night. :P

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I'm glad that our journals have a chain-effect of inspiration on eachother. :)

Positive feedback loops are fun[grin]!

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