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'White dwarf' dream

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A few nights ago I had a very lucid dream.

The cool thing of this dream it was very real. I estimate it has 0.75 of a scale of 1.00 = common day reality, and .25 = a common dream.

I was located in deep space. I can't remember I was in a space ship, or any other space vehicle. Maybe I was just floating as a spiritual being.. Then, I encountered a light source. This light source was very, very bright. The color of the light source was a pale white, with a trace of blue.

I was drawn to the light source, which I concluded must be a star. I could see the curvature. The feeling of reality, actually being in close contact with a real star, frightened me-- mainly because the star was extremely bright, a white bright light. I was afraid being evaporated by the power.

Then, I saw a kind of space docking station.. And an awesome space ship!

The space ship was very dark, it was Huge (estimate some kilometers of length), and it seemed very thick (like thick, dark metal of sub marines). It had yellow windows, numerous windows.

I did not observe any aliens, however.

My main fright, actually, was that I was very near to the star. The light was too shiny to look at. So I floated away from it.

- I did some research. The star could have been a White Dwarf. White Dwarfs are very hot and extremely bright. However, they are not bigger than the Earth. So, they radiate a lot of light and other (harmful I guess) radiation.

I still have the feeling it actually happened to me! Strange. Well.

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The other night I was hanging out with some girls in a castle when all of a sudden we were attacked by a giant fire-breathing dragon!!! The prospect was hopeless so we ran down into the bowels of the castle in hopes of escaping, and discovered (and were incidentially trapped in) a long mysterious passage which was filled with puzzles, traps and adventure. I woke up during one of the puzzles though, so I didn't get to see the end.

(The puzzle had something to do with sitting like 9 people at a table set for 7. I had a feeling there was also a trick with the food as well - probably poison. Which would make sense because two new people that were in the tunnel (?!?) had just joined the party - they didn't seem to fit into the plot so I think they were just meant to be killed off. Didn't get the chance to test that theory though.)

Yeah, dreams are weird.

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What did the girls do to you that you had that dream! :P

Anyway, my dream remains very real.
Question: should í have stayed with the alien ship? Maybe I belonged there. I was too afraid.

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