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Free ChemHex

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I decided to just give out ChemHex for free. Initially, the plan was to get flash studio pro, make a stand alone executable, put in some extra premium features, like a global top thousand list, daily puzzles and so on. Then I was going to use the PayPal IPN to sell it. I even have the webspace as playdeez.com, which now has the full version of ChemHex automatically loading if you go there. I think I'd like to keep playdeez.com, even if I'm not selling anything.

Anyway, I got to the point where I needed to make the webpage all pretty, hook into the PayPal IPN, put together the top scores list using ASPs. Then a problem came up, and I couldn't get FSP due to lack of funds(still can't for same reason), and I got slammed at my "real job", and a bunch of other things came up that prevented me from working on the game. I got so burned out sometimes that even if I had time to work on it, I didn't want to.

So, I got to thinking... here's a game I wrote. It's fun. People like it. I got joy out of simply making it. Making money from it would not add to the joy, and in fact could very likely detract from it, with handling sales, handling support e-mails, etc etc. I'm not a salesman, and I'm not a service technician. I'm a game developer. I want to develop games. I want people to play my games. The amoun of hassle I'd have to go through to sell my games isn't really worth the couple thousand bucks I'd make from it.

So, go and play ChemHex. Have some fun.
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